Educational Links

How to checkout e-books
Clever  is a website to access TUSD resources such as Achieve 3000 and Benchmark.

Big Brown Bear is a typing website is an expansive reading website that progresses from basic letter sounds to reading short stories.

abcya has math and literacy games for grades K-5. 

Dance Mat Typing  is a keyboarding tutorial with silly animated characters. (It’s from the BBC, so the characters have British accents.) We use this to get kids started on touch typing.

Storyline Online has a collection videos of books being read.  has multiplication games and resources.

Math Magician    

Kiddle Web Search for kids 

PBS Kids has sites and games based on many of its TV shows. They’re educational and fun.

Fun Brain  has simple graphical games involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, spelling, and shapes games. Warning: there are pop-up advertisements.

Spelling City   has literacy and spelling games.

Success Maker   reading and math practice. 

Visual Fractions  Fraction website for ALL grades

Equivalent Fraction Matching Game  For grades 3rd to 5th

Triplets   Fraction game for 3rd to 5th

Tug Team Practice 4-5th

Comparing and ordering fractions    4th-5th